Sunday, January 27, 2008

Humdrum romantic II / II

Copyright for text and photos: Jan Krcmar
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We are in our daily lives constantly confronted with objects of daily use. Items we need but don't really care about. They are the pinnacle of our humdrum every-day routines, which we try to forget about in the cinema, theatre, whilst watching TV, etc.

But what, if we - instead of turning away from these objects - give them much more attention than they really deserve? What if we overdid it with our affection for these items of daily use?

Using a special technique, which both blurs the photograph as well as intensifies its colours (unless in b/w), this series aims to remind us of how dependent we are on those "little things". Coat hangers, batteries, q-tips. At the same time the series is a criticism of those aspects of technology, which produce pointless, silly objects that nobody really needs. A lot of effort is applied to creating something, which looks nicer than it is useful o even needed.

The peak of this series are photographies taken under great effort, which show, what most of these objects actually are: rubbish.


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