Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't go too far

Copyright for text and photos: Jan Krcmar 2009
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This is a very simple thought. Next time you walk down any road, any street, anything, take a look at the buildings. But up close. I mean, take a look at the surface. You will be amazed at the beauty of the texture, the colours, the simple joy from the unwanted (in most cases) design of the walls around us. Here's a few examples, all from Prague.

Or is it just me? There are surfaces which look like a beautiful painting, especially on buildings from the middle of the 20th century, and - this is a bit of a stereotype I have to admit - socialist buildings. And what especially takes my breath away is if the surface is in perfect combination with a vent, a fan, a window, etc. Look at this and tell me if it is just me, who likes this.


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