Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Competition: Peace and quiet

Copyright for text and photos: Jan Krcmar 2009
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As announced, here are my entries to the photo-competition in the czech newspaper Lidové noviny.
Last week's topic was "peace and quiet" and I submitted the following images.

Here's the first. My girlfriend Marta and me went to Austria (Styria) and stumbled upon tons of old churches and ossuaries (don't worry, I had to look it up myself). They were places of absolute quiet. Not a sound.

Again in Styria, after a terrible rain which had Marta and me hide in a pub for over an hour. When the rain stopped, we continued our hike and suddenly the clouds cleared up and we came across this pond. Because it had rained, the birds had not yet started to sing again and the entire countryside seemed to have shut up for a while. I admit, the photo is not artistic, but mainly a tourist picture, but the scenery was stunning.

Total change of scenery. From Styria to Illinois. Chicago at night, well, in the evening. While Marta was shopping downtown, I went for a walk across a neighbourhood which seemed deserted and saw this backyard of a factory. I had to do quite some cleaning up on this image (noise)...

From my trip to the US and Canada in 2006, this photo was taken in a park in Ottawa. Maybe too scary, but quiet and empty nontheless.

And now for the entry which came 2nd in this weeks competition, beaten only by a shit kitschy piece of crap b/w pic with monochromatic bullshit tones.

My masterpiece from Duluth, Minnesota. Taken on a pier in extreme heat. That's me and my friend Joel in the picture. One of my favourite images of all time. But only second, which means I won fuck all this week...


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