Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Competition: Summer

Copyright for text and photos: Jan Krcmar 2009
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As announced, here are my entries to the photo-competition in the czech newspaper Lidové noviny.
This week's topic was "True summer" and I submitted the following images.

Let's start with a nice, simple holiday picture. This is one of the bizarre mud vulcanoes in Qobustan (Azerbaijan). These volcanoes are about 10-20 metres high and spit mud, which then runs down the side of the hill and dries up, creating an almost african drought-surface. Summer as in heat and drought and holiday. Not an intelectual challenge, just a nice, interesting picture.

And once again straight to Chicago. This was on a very hot day last year, when the temperature was still high in the evening and made you want to jump in the lake while watching the citys skyline.

This fellow was there all day long (still Chicago), probably practiced all day... I hate the unemployed.

Come to think of it, a lot of my best pictures are from my stays in the USA. This one is from Havre, Montana. After a long day at the local beach (at a reservoir lake), playing football against local high school kids (myself against 10 of them and I still won...) within a few minutes the sunny sky changed and clouds appeared. Soon after that, hail and rain started slamming down and I got completely soaked taking this picture. You only get colours like this at the beginning of summer. Such a sky while the fields are still green.

Probably my favourite one for this week's entry. A school bus depot on Coney Island. Tommy Kane took us there and knew I would like it. So I guess if I win something, I will have to share the revenue...

That's it. I will let you know how I ended up this week.


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